My Trip to Charleston

My Trip to Charleston

So the last few days I've been in Charleston, South Carolina for a business conference. (I'm actually still here! I leave tomorrow afternoon.) I've never been here before, and I've really fallen in love with this city. It's so beautiful. A very quaint, historic and fun place to be. 

The people are so nice and welcoming. My boss (who I will refer to as N.A. from now on) and I took a long walk around town today and ended up in one of the residential neighborhoods. An old man sitting on his porch yelled out to us and asked us if we were enjoying "his city." It was so cute. Then he proceeded to ask us where we were from and tell us all about his life and how he came to live in Charleston. I want to move here just so I can be his neighbor. 

In addition to the wonderful people and the rich history of Charleston there is amazing food. Fantastic seafood. So, so good. I've eaten way too much today. I need to work out for three days straight now. In my defense though, I think N.A. and I walked at least 5 miles today. Or at least it felt like it.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon we had lunch at the Noisy Oyster. Although I love seafood I've never eaten oysters. Once N.A. found this out he wanted to make sure I tried oysters for the first time. Did I mention he was the one who got me to try sushi for the first time almost four years ago? He likes to make me try new things. Long story short, I actually enjoyed the oysters and ended up eating three of them. (N.A. recorded me trying my first one and the video is on my Facebook page if you want to check it out) My main course was a fabulous crab melt, which is crab cakes on an english muffin topped with an amazing sauce.

After our conference reception last night we headed to Amen Street Restaurant for dinner. We went with a small group of people from the conference and had an amazing time. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant, the food was great and the company was amazing! We laughed ourselves to tears. And had some yummy food while doing it.

I had the Frozen Amen Peach Bellini to drink and it was fabulous!

For dinner I got the lobster and shrimp risotto which was absolutely to die for. You can't get anything like this at home.

All day today was spent working at our conference, and then we had a buffet dinner with the group at the hotel. N.A. and I set off on another walk after dinner was over, and we were on a quest for a frozen yogurt shop that we never did find. Instead we found a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop and I ate a big waffle cone of Coffee Coffee Ice Cream that I really shouldn't have eaten, but I did anyway. It was so good. Seriously.

Well, that's all for me for tonight. Not only am I exhausted but I'm also in a food coma. All this working and sightseeing and eating has tired me out. I'm going to stretch out and relax in my four poster bed in my cute little Inn and watch some HGTV. Goodnight all!