Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh Baked Bread

So for years I've been very, very intimidated to make fresh bread.  I don't mean banana bread or pumpkin bread, I'm talking bread with yeast. When I was younger I unsuccessfully attempted to make it several times, and then I just finally gave up. For some reason I couldn't get the yeast and warm water thing right. It was so frustrating!

Enter my friend Gina, who posted a recipe on her blog a few days ago for easy homemade bread. As she put it, it was "stupidly easy." I thought to myself, I can do this! If Gina says it's simple, then I know I can do it. So this morning I set out to make my first loaf of fresh homemade bread.

Guess what? I did it! I am so proud of myself! I made three loaves of this delicious bread and plan on making more soon. Like, really soon. And I'm going to give some as gifts to my friends and family. Just because I'm so proud of myself.

You can check out the recipe here on Gina's blog, 
Food Is My Porn. The only difference between my bread and Gina's is that I used only all-purpose flour and she used a combination of that and bread flour. I didn't have any bread flour to use, but I may try that next time.


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