Dinner Divas Weekly Menu Plan - Week 1

Dinner Divas Weekly Menu Plan - Week 1

Happy Friday, friends! This week I'm kicking off something new to the blog. I've collaborated with a few of my fab blogger friends to bring you a week's worth of dinner ideas! 

How it works: Every Friday morning a new menu plan will be posted on the blog. (It can also show up in your email, just sign up here!) It will consist of 5 dinners plus 2 extras. Those two extras could be side dishes, dessert, drinks, etc. 

The menus will feature (mostly) healthy, seasonal foods that don't take all day to prepare. Getting the meal plan delivered to your inbox on Friday morning gives you the chance to make your shopping list and get organized for the week ahead! With everything you've got going on this spring, and with summer just around the corner, this weekly menu plan will provide inspiration and make life a little bit easier.
Dinner Divas Weekly Menu Plan - Week 1

MONDAY - One Pot Chicken Pasta with Cream Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce - This fast, easy and delicious one meal is perfect for special occasions or a busy weeknight meal!

TUESDAY Skillet Pork Marsala with Roasted Asparagus - This super simple and flavorful dish is a hearty and delicious meal that's ready in less than 30 minutes!

WEDNESDAY Chicken Banh Mi Vegetable and Rice Bowl - Loaded up with Vietnamese flavored chicken, zucchini, pickled vegetables and rice this beautiful bowl is a flavor packed dinner that’s calling your name!

THURSDAY Crispy Black Bean Burritos - These burritos combine black beans with sautéed vegetables, brown rice, and cheddar cheese for a healthy, balanced vegetarian meal with complete proteins, all wrapped up in a toasted tortilla.

FRIDAY - Chicken Fajita Lunch Bowls - A low carb chicken fajita bowl, you'll feel like you had lunch at your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant but without all the calories!

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