Holiday Celebrations with KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Walmart #HostWithKH

Holiday Celebrations with KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Walmart #HostWithKH

This blog post was sponsored by KING’S HAWAIIAN® but the opinions are all my own.

This coming week is going to be a busy one around here! Of course I know that Christmas is just over a week away, but I've got a lot of holiday parties to plan and host between now and then. This weekend we have some very dear friends, who are just like family, that are coming over to celebrate with us. I've got lots to do before they get here, so I'm making my to-do list now!

I've already got my menu planned, and it's no surprise that it includes KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sweet Dinner Rolls. I don't think I've ever had any holiday meal where they weren't present at the table! I have much more to buy, including my tableware and a few decorations, and I love that I can shop at my local Walmart for everything that I need. From food to decorations to gifts, Walmart has it all!

Our celebration this weekend is over brunch, and I'm making a super fun and creative dish with KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sweet Dinner Rolls. I can't wait to share that recipe with you! Be on the lookout for that post this weekend. Until then, here are a few tips when planning your holiday celebration:
  • Decide on the menu at least a week before the party, including your favorite KING’S HAWAIIAN® recipes
  • Head to Walmart a day or two before the celebration to buy your supplies and holiday food
  • Prep as much of the food as possible the day before
  • The morning of the party, set the table
  • Set up a self-serve drink station for your guests
  • Have as much food as possible cooked before your guests arrive. Keep dishes covered in the oven to keep warm
Check out the KING’S HAWAIIAN Holiday Entertaining Hub for more holidays tips and delicious recipes!

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Do you have a favorite dish to bring to a holiday party? Share with me in the comments below! 

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