Creamy Parmesan Risotto

Creamy Parmesan Risotto

This rich, flavorful, and creamy Parmesan risotto takes a little time to make, but the results are worth it!

Whenever I dine out at a nice Italian restaurant I tend to order the risotto. Up until just recently, that was really the only time I ate it because I didn't make it at home. For some reason I was scared to make it, thinking I would somehow mess it up. I always heard people say it could turn out gummy and not creamy, so that scared me away from trying.

Several months ago I finally decided to stop being a chicken and go for it. I figured, what do I have to lose? So I made an asparagus risotto at my parents house and I have to say it turned out pretty well. Probably not my best, but it was still good. A couple of weeks ago I gave it another shot, went with a nice creamy and cheesy Parmesan risotto, and the results were fantastic.

It does take some time standing over the stove and stirring, but the dish is not hard to make at all. You just need time and patience. This is a great side dish and pairs well with chicken and turkey, but works well as a main dish too. Serve it with some crusty bread and a glass of wine and you're set!

Creamy Parmesan Risotto
Author: Sarah Bates | The Chef Next Door
Serves 6
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3 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth 

4 Tbsp unsalted butter 
1/2 cup onion, finely chopped 
1 clove garlic, minced 
1 1/2 cups Arborio rice 
1 cup dry white wine 
1 tsp salt 
1/2 tsp black pepper 
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

In a medium saucepan, bring the broth to a simmer and keep it warm over low heat.

In a Dutch oven or saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until the onion is soft and transparent, about 5 minutes. Add the rice and stir until it is well coated with the butter. Cook until it starts to turn translucent, about 5 minutes. Add the wine and simmer until all the liquid is absorbed, about 4 minutes.

Ladle a half cup of the warm broth into the rice mixture and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the broth is absorbed. Repeat, adding a half cup of broth at a time, until the rice is cooked through but still a bit firm, about 20 to 25 minutes total. 

Add the salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese and stir to incorporate. Taste and, if needed, add more salt and pepper. Serve immediately, topping with additional Parmesan if desired.

Bon Appetit!
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