Parmesan Turkey Meatballs

Parmesan Turkey Meatballs

This has been a rough winter. I know, I know, I live in Michigan. I should be used to this! But in all honesty, it's been YEARS since we've had a winter like this. So much snow. So very, very cold. I mean at one point it was -35 with the wind chill! I'm pretty much over it now.

Old man winter isn't done yet though, so we have to keep moving forward. When it's cold and snowing all I can think of is comfort food. Filling my belly with warm delicious goodness sure does make me feel better. 

These Parmesan Turkey Meatballs really hit the spot last week. They filled the kitchen with a delicious aroma and tasted absolutely amazing. I made rigatoni to go along with my meatballs and sauce, but you could use any shape of pasta that you'd like. Or you could put the meatballs on hoagie rolls and make subs! These are versatile enough that they can be used many ways.

This recipe makes 40 small meatballs, so our family of three had enough for dinner one night and I froze a batch as well. Now they're waiting for me in the freezer for another meal! Anything to have done ahead of time is great for a busy weeknight.

Parmesan Turkey Meatballs
Recipe written by The Chef Next Door
Makes 40 small meatballs
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2 eggs
1/4 cup Italian breadcrumbs
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp ketchup
3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 lb lean ground turkey
3 Tbsp olive oil
3 cups marinara sauce, either jarred or homemade 

Line a baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper and set aside.

In a medium bowl, mix together the eggs, breadcrumbs, parsley, milk, ketchup, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Using your hands, gently mix in the turkey until thoroughly combined.

Using a small scoop or teaspoon, scoop out the mixture and roll into small balls. Transfer the meatballs to the prepared baking sheet and repeat until all the mixture is gone and the meatballs are all made. Pop the tray of meatballs into the freezer for about 15 minutes until set. 

Heat the oil in a large skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add 20 of the meatballs to the pot and cook until browned on all sides, about 5 minutes. (Freeze remaining meatballs in an airtight container for future use) Add the marinara sauce and gently stir to combine, using a wooden spoon to scrape off any bits that are stuck to the bottom of the pan. Reduce the heat to low and cover the pan until the sauce is hot and the meatballs are cooked through, about 15 minutes. 

Spoon the meatballs and sauce over your favorite pasta or make meatball subs by layering meatballs, sauce and provolone cheese on hoagie rolls.

Bon Appetit! 

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