Luscious Red Velvet Cake

Luscious Red Velvet Cake

So I've become pretty addicted to Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, lately. I read her blog every single day, and sit intently in front of the television watching her new show on the Food Network. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But she is an amazing, talented and quite funny person. I just received her cookbook in the mail yesterday and I loved reading her stories just as much as all the recipes she included. I can't wait to try everything out!

Last week I was skimming through the recipe section of PW's website and found this red velvet sheet cake. It looked amazing! I was hosting a girls night over the weekend so I thought I would test it out. Plus she had a recipe for the most fabulous icing you could ever imagine.

Let me tell you, that cake was to die for! And my girlfriends felt the same way. Here are the pics from my cake. If you'd like the recipe, please visit Ree's wonderful website here: And be sure to check out the other areas of her site, including the blog detailing her everyday life, her photography, and much more. (This is not a paid advertisement in any way, I just love this blog and want to share it with you!)

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