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Classic Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich #SqueezeMoreOut

A classic roast beef and cheese sandwich made with Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise is 
perfect for back to school lunchboxes! 

School is back in session for my kids, which means it's back to packing lunches for mom! I really do enjoy making lunches for the boys. My oldest, who's taking classes at the community college this semester, loves for me to pack him a lunch a few times a week. He says it's so much healthier, and a lot cheaper! And my youngest, who plays sports about half of the year, loves eating healthy too. He tells me he just can't eat that cafeteria food every day! So just like my parents did for me, I try to create fun and delicious lunches for my guys.

My mom did most of the lunch making when I was growing up, but my dad would occasionally take over the duties. His favorite thing to make me was a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. I know what you are thinking...that sounds gross! But it was actually quite good. I haven't had one in years, but I think I may need to have one again soon!

Effortless Chicken & Veggie Ranch Wraps

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#EffortlessMeals #CollectiveBias

Busy school nights call for quick and easy dinners! Whip up these healthy and delicious chicken and veggie ranch 
wraps in no time. Perfect for dinner at the table or on the way to practice! 
Chicken & Veggie Ranch Wrap | The Chef Next Door #EffortlessMeals

School has officially started here which means it's time to go, go, go! My youngest is playing varsity football so after a full day of school he immediately has a couple hours of practice, then comes home starving. Sound familiar? I try to prepare meals ahead of time as much as I can, and I especially look for meals that are quick and easy to make. These Effortless Chicken and Veggie Ranch Wraps are one of our family favorites, and I have the Effortless Meals available at Walmart to thank for that!

The deli at Walmart offers Effortless Meals solutions including Marketside rotisserie chickens and Marketside pizzas. These are perfect for busy families on the go! I love using rotisserie chicken for so many things, but it's especially perfect in these wraps. I also like to pair my wraps with the Walmart deli macaroni salad - it tastes just like homemade! 

Spicy Fiesta Burger

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 
#VivaLaMorena #CollectiveBias

Kick your grilling game up a notch by adding spicy Mexican flavors and making these delicious fiesta burgers 
for your next BBQ!
Spicy Fiesta Burger | The Chef Next Door #VivaLaMorena

I love a good juicy burger, especially one cooked on the grill. I've mentioned it like a thousand times before (sorry!), but I LOVE the new grill that my kids surprised me with for Mother's Day. I've definitely become the grill master this summer and the kids are reaping all the benefits of their purchase. Burgers, brats, dogs, chicken, corn and other veggies, I've been grilling it all.

Recently I wanted to change things up and instead of making a traditional burger, add some spice and make it Mexican style. I call it my Spicy Fiesta Burger! I whipped up an easy chipotle mayo, melted spicy pepperjack cheese on top of the burgers, and also added sliced pickled jalapenos on top. It turned out to be one SPICY burger! I loved it though, and so did my kids! It was an awesome twist on our usual burger.

Grilled Tandoori Chicken

Cool, tangy yogurt and lots of spices give these grilled chicken thighs plenty of irresistible flavor!
Grilled Tandoori Chicken | The Chef Next Door #MilkMeansMore

School is right around the corner. Literally right around the corner for my kids (like this week!), but I'm not giving up on summer yet. I mean even though school is starting, it's technically summer for another month. Which means I'll be grilling anything and everything, enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies that I can, and eating lots and lots of ice cream.

Speaking of grilling, let's talk about this tandoori chicken. I've had tandoori chicken at restaurants before, but never tried making it at home. I didn't realize just how easy it is to make! Using creamy, tangy Greek yogurt and delicious Indian spices as a marinade, these chicken thighs came out tender and juicy and full of amazing flavor.

#MyFarm2Table Dinner with Door to Door Organics

I've been a happy customer of Door to Door Organics for quite some time now, probably for at least two years. Since it's just me and my two boys, I receive the Bitty Mixed Box, which is the perfect amount of fruits and veggies for the three of us. It's awesome because you can customize your box each week, making swaps if you'd like, and also adding other groceries to your order. I often add eggs and specialty breads, sometimes snacks, and pretty much every order you'll find Quinn's Hickory Smoked Cheddar Popcorn in my box. To say I'm obsessed with that popcorn is an understatement. Just ask my kids!

Anyway, enough about my popcorn obsession! You can read all about the Door to Door service in my original reveal post. One of the recent trends is farm to table dinners. I'm sure you've heard about them before, but what it means is to bring fresh, local, artisanal foods directly to your table. I hosted a farm to table dinner recently using a Local Farm Box plus a curated selection of local foods, courtesy of Door to Door Organics, and will be sharing some recipes with you today. 

Grilled Chicken & Kale Walnut Pesto Panini

Juicy, grilled chicken and fresh kale walnut pesto meet inside a soft ciabatta bun 
to create the most mouthwatering panini!

Quite awhile ago I teased you all on social media with a delicious kale walnut pesto that I made. It was probably a good four weeks ago or so, and I had promised to share the recipe soon. So yeah, a month has passed and I'm FINALLY getting around to posting it! I'm not sure what happened and how all that time slipped by, so I hope you'll forgive me. Luckily the recipe is well worth the wait, so there's that.

This pesto is seriously the best stuff I've ever had. I love kale anyway, but when you transform it into a pesto, it just pops. Combined with Parmesan cheese, lemon, garlic and crunchy walnuts, I just really can't even describe it. I insist you try it yourself!

Cuban Arepa Sandwiches

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Kick your sandwich game up a notch with these simple and delicious Cuban Arepa Sandwiches!

I've really been enjoying cooking with corn meal lately. Whether it's cornbread or muffins, or even waffles, I've been using it a lot and experimenting in the kitchen. Corn meal is rich in nutrients and really a very versatile ingredient, and I totally understand now why it's a staple in so many countries all over the world. 

With all of my exploring into corn meal, I decided to try my hand at making homemade arepas recently. An arepa is a flatbread made of pre-cooked corn meal, which is fried, then split and filled with sandwich ingredients. The arepas themselves are actually very easy to make. The dough comes together very quickly, and is then divided, shaped and fried in a skillet. You can have fresh arepas on your table in less than 20 minutes!