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Spicy Hot Crab Dip

This Spicy Hot Crab Dip is decadent and delicious but so simple to make. Warm and cheesy 
with a little bit of a kick, this dip is the perfect appetizer for your next tailgate or party!
Spicy Hot Crab Dip | The Chef Next Door
Everyone already knows how much I love football, so it can't be much of a surprise that I love to have a big spread for my family and friends on game day. Whether we are out tailgating or enjoying the game at home, the food is one of the most important parts! Easy appetizers and finger goods are a given on game day, but I also like to serve some warm dishes. Wings, sliders, nachos, those are all favorites of course. But how about a delicious, warm dip? This Spicy Hot Crab Dip is rich and flavorful and looks pretty fancy, but it couldn't be easier to make!

Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes

These Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes are full of flavor, vitamins and protein, and can be ready in 
less than 20 minutes! Perfect for a quick and nutritious weeknight meal!
Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes | The Chef Next Door
Today is officially Fall, so now I can make all the pumpkin, apple, squash and sweet potato recipes that I want without feeling bad. You know, when it's still technically summer no one wants to hear you talking about pumpkin everything! But now it's legit so you better get ready. {Just kidding....sort of...} The recipe I'm sharing today is a new favorite in my house. A quick and easy meal that's full of vitamins, protein, and tons of delicious flavor. Plus, this recipe supports one of my favorite campaigns, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Most of you already know that I'm a partner and huge supporter of Produce for Kids, but one thing you may not know is how much I love Meijer. I shop there every week {let's be honest, I'm there several times a week} and they are very active in the community. Produce for Kids teamed up with Meijer to bring Jump with Jill, a rock & roll nutrition show, to local schools. From September 4 to October 1, shoppers can look for Produce for Kids healthy meal solutions, recipes and tips in the produce department of all Meijer stores. Supporting the brands featured in the recipes helps raise funds to support the Jump with Jill initiative. I have a listing of those brands at the bottom of this post!

S'mores Pudding Dessert

Enjoy 5 minutes of "me time" and treat yourself to this simple yet decadent S'mores Pudding Dessert!
Being an adult can sometimes be hard, don't you agree? All the responsibilities we have - a house, a car, a job, bills, and of course KIDS. Not only do we have to take care of ourselves, but we have to take care of our families too! With everything we have going on, we can't forget to take care of ourselves. Do something for yourself every day. Take a short walk, enjoy a bubble bath, sit in a quiet place and read a book for a few minutes. At least a couple of times a month do something really special like treat yourself to a pedicure or a massage, even go out to dinner with friends. You'll be a better friend, mother, daughter, or wife if you remember to take care of YOU. 

Sopa de Lima #SoupSwapParty

This lime, chicken, and tortilla soup is the perfect meal on a cool Fall evening!
This lime, chicken, and tortilla soup is the perfect meal on a cool Fall evening!

Now that Fall is officially here, I'm breaking out my slow cooker, casserole dishes, and Dutch oven to start making my favorite comfort foods. It's not quite time for all the heavy stuff, but I am really excited to make soups and chili galore. It's football season after all, and this is just the type of food my family and I love to eat on game days.

With my mind on Fall, I'm super excited to help launch the new cookbook Soup Swap: Comforting Recipes to Make and Share by Kathy Gunst, Resident Chef for NPR’s “Here and Now," with bloggers across the country. We are having a #SoupSwapParty hosted by The Book Club Cookbook, and sharing some of the delicious recipes from the book with our readers!

One Bowl Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Bread

This easy recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Bread is filled with warm Fall spices and pumpkin flavor, 
plus a surprise swirl of milk chocolate!
This easy recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Bread is filled with warm Fall spices and pumpkin flavor, plus a surprise swirl of milk chocolate!

It's finally feeling like Fall in Michigan. The nights are cool and the days have been hovering around 70 degrees or so. I can see the leaves starting to change just slightly. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. As much as I love summer, I love so many things about Fall. Wearing jeans and boots, taking scenic drives, football, and pumpkin. The time has finally come where I can make pumpkin everything!

One Pan Taco Rice Skillet #SundaySupper

This One Pan Taco Rice Skillet is easy to make and is filled with veggies and beef, making it the 
perfect protein packed meal to feed your family on any busy night!
This One Pan Taco Rice Skillet is easy to make and is filled with veggies and beef, making it the perfect protein packed meal to feed your family on any busy night!
Our weeknights have gotten increasingly busy now that school has started. I know many of you are in the same boat, between school and sports and other extracurricular activities. It seems like our nights are short with so much to get done in such little time. Eating dinner is such an important part of our evening, but there often isn't a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. That's why I love one pan meals. They are typically easy to make, can be made in 30 minutes or so, and easy to clean up. All of that equals a win for me!

Chicken Shawarma Mini Flatbreads

These fresh and delicious Chicken Shawarma Mini Flatbreads are packed with flavor and quick and easy to make. Perfect for game day, lunch, or even a light dinner, you'll definitely be making these again and again!
Chicken Shawarma Mini Flatbreads | The Chef Next Door

Although Fall is knocking on our doors, I haven't given up on summer yet. The temps have still been pretty warm here in Michigan and although I'm excited to start wearing my boots and sweaters, I'm still hanging on to summer by a thread. This year I splurged and bought myself a beautiful dining set for my deck, and that's been one of my favorite spots these last few months. I eat out there, have my morning coffee, and even do a little work. It's just the perfect spot to sit and relax and take in the nature around me.

Along with my pretty dining set I've got my trusty grill. I don't know about you, but I will grill up until the time it snows. I'm not afraid of a little cold air! Food seems to taste more delicious when it comes from the grill, plus clean up is a cinch.